Where do we start? We could list all the possible options and let you go through them all, but we don't because that's our job.

There is an abundance of choice out there with car & asset finance and it can get a bit confusing can't it? So by calling Candoo FinanceĀ® and having a chat with one of our consultants we can help. The team has extensive knowledge, skill and experience in the industry and can assess your needs in getting you the right option. We can offer a wide range of products to suit each Business or Individual needs. We can offer a Personal loan, Car loan, Chattel/Goods Mortgage CHP, Hire Purchase HP, Lease and Novated Lease.

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We do all the hard work for you and in return you get the best deal possible, great customer service and most of all the car. What's not to like? Let us save you Time, Effort and most importantly Money.

Take the headache, time and frustration out of financing your next car, bike, boat, RV or equipment.

Call us today and join all the other happy customers that have experienced the difference here at Candoo FinanceĀ®.

We Candoo your Finance!

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